Operation RE/MAX

Operation RE/MAX  

A real estate career can be particularly attractive to military spouses, retirees, existing personnel and family members. The educational and licensing period is reasonable, and military transfers can actually enhance referral opportunities.

Military spouses and family members tend to thrive in real estate due to a close-knit military community, the tendency toward systemizing tasks and the number of social activities associated with military life. But few people can walk into a real estate career without training and support. That’s why RE/MAX began the Operation RE/MAX program. Brokerages who participate in the program offer new agents the continuing post-licensing training and support they need to begin a real estate career within the military community.       


   Operation RE/MAX

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This program is available to anyone with a military connection (past or present) and an interest in real estate.

Operation RE/MAX matches military spouses, career military retires, exiting personnel, or injured service members who are interested in real estate careers with RE/MAX offices that will help coach, train and mentor them. There are no costs to participate in Operation RE/MAX aside from those associated with earning a real estate license. Initial licensing occurs on a state level. Potential funding programs are available, as are real estate career opportunities that don't require a license.

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If you are considering a real estate career but do not have a military connection, visit New to Real Estate for more information.