New To Real Estate

New to Real Estate? 

Home of the Best Agents® Most agents join RE/MAX after already achieving some level of success in real estate sales. But RE/MAX also attracts agents who are just starting their real estate careers. This usually occurs under one of the following scenarios.


Typical agents starting their real estate careers with RE/MAX:


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100 Days to Greatness: real estate boot camp

Regardless of the reason that a newly licensed agent joins a RE/MAX brokerage, some brokerages encourage, or even require, the new agent to complete the 100 Days to Greatness program. This proven program is also used by agents coming from other brokerages who want to follow a specific strategy to ensure their performance is of RE/MAX caliber. Even some existing RE/MAX agents go through the program to refocus their efforts on growing their business.

Designed for RE/MAX, 100 Days to Greatness is an intensive training program that taps the resources of one of the most successful and highly regarded coaches in the industry: Brian Buffini. No travel is required.


Opeartion RE/MAX

Operation RE/MAX LogoA real estate career can be particularly attractive to military spouses and family members. The educational and licensing period is reasonable, and military transfers can actually enhance referral opportunities. Military spouses and family members also tend to thrive in real estate due to a close-knit military community, the tendency toward systemizing tasks and the number of social activities associated with military life. But few people can walk into a real estate career without training and support. That’s why RE/MAX began the Operation RE/MAX program. Brokerages who participate in the program offer new agents the continuing postlicensing training and support they need to begin a real estate career within the military community. For details, write to or visit the Military Spouse Career Center and click on RE/MAX. Existing RE/MAX Broker/Owner and Managers can learn about registration by visiting contacting RE/MAX At The Slope for more information.


The usual first step: Get a license

In most states and provinces, a minimum requirement to joining a real estate brokerage as a sales agent is to have already earned a real estate license. In some states, however, a new agent needs to obtain a sponsoring brokerage prior to pursuing a license. Licensing requirements typically involve coursework and passing a state test (Most states also require that you be a high-school graduate or hold an equivalency diploma). You can check with your state or province to find the names of licensing schools near you. Some states also require post-licensing coursework immediately after you earn your license; and most states require continuing education throughout your career to keep your license active.

RE/MAX agents in the United States and Canada are required to be members of their brokerage's local real estate board and complete certification training and contract-completion training, and perhaps additional training through that board.


How to find a school

To help you learn more about real estate licensing requirements, including how to find pre-licensing and continuing-education schools across the United States, contact a RE/MAX At The Slope agent.


Unllimited rewards

If you're looking for a career that enables you to control your workday and offers a direct correlation between your effort and reward - with unlimited potential on the reward side - then real estate sales might be a good fit. It's not easy. But when you surround yourself with other serious professionals you realize an immediate benefit - because you see first-hand the habits and strategies that work and you're motivated to emulate the success you're witnessing. That's a core of the RE/MAX Concept. Add in all the other RE/MAX advantages, and you can see that for some, RE/MAX isn't just where you want to be at the peak of your real estate career, it's also where you want to be at the start.

To find out about joining RE/MAX At The Slope as a newly licensed agent, contact us at (718) 532-2000 and ask us for more details about available opportunities.